Money given so far to Indonesian Charities : 1,000,652 Rp (until May 2016)

137,000 Rp to YAYASAN BEGAWAN (February 2016)
305,000 Rp to WWF INDONESIA (October 2015)
186,800 Rp to KALAWEIT (August 2015)

Please have a look at the different charities partners with ISTANIA:

List of Indonesian Charities partners to ISTANIA

This is a very new concept we are experiencing: Hotel Booking with a social touch ! Each time you book your hotel on, there is automatically a donation to an Indonesian charity generated, at no extra cost for you !

Istania is a Hotel Booking website for Indonesia that works closely with Indonesian charities in different areas of the country. Istania is a new concept of Hotel Booking website where the traveler is connected to the activities of the local charities: we call it Responsible Hotel Booking.

Raise awareness

We bring awareness to the traveler who books a Hotel Room in Indonesia. While traveling to Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Balikpapan, either for leisure or for business, you will have the possibility to support a local charity/Yayasan or International Organization of your choice, at no extra cost for you.

How does it work ? Istania takes a sales commission from the Hotel (like any other Hotel Booking Website) and gives back part of this commission to an Indonesian charity/yayasan of your choice.

Responsible Travel : how ISTANIA is a socially-conscious business ?

We do think that we can travel in a more responsible way by being aware of things that are going on in Indonesia. Being aware is part of traveling in a responsible way. Being aware of child poverty in indonesia and how to reduce it, being aware of underprivileged people who don’t have access to a proper house and how organizations are improving their lives.

Same price for the guest

In the mean time, we don’t want that this comes at a cost for you: the guest, the traveler, the customer… That is the cornerstone of ISTANIA. Booking your Hotel room on ISTANIA will come at the exact same price as any other hotel booking websites on the internet. So if it is the same price, you better book your hotel room on istania so it leads to a donation to an indonesian charity.

Who are we ?

We are a small team of travelers enthusiasts, based in Jakarta. We want to provide you the best experience in Hotel Booking. And we want you to be aware of the actions and activities of the charities we work with. If you want your charity to join ISTANIA, please drop us a line, we will be happy to explain you how this works !


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