ISTANIA Terms & Conditions

This sections describes what it is ISTANIA does as a service provider and also what it allows you to do as a user.

About the Service

1.ISTANIA provides an online platform through which you can browse different types of lodging and temporary accommodation, including but not necessarily limited to hotels, hostels, serviced apartments, B&Bs, rooms for rent, cottages, etc. and make reservations with such Hotels.

2.ISTANIA provides this platform to members of the public. We allow them book a hotel online (choice of 2,000 hotels in Indonesia, 60,000 over the world) and then to choose the indonesian charity they want to support.

3.Users can choose the indonesian charity they want to support among our registered charities partners.

4.2% of the amount of the user’s booking will directly goes as a donation for an indonesian charity.

5.ISTANIA directly forwards the donations to the charities.

6.We don’t charge anything to the charity. Any indonesian charity is free to join the ISTANIA project.

7.For the Hotels located in Indonesia, the price will be payable in Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR). For the Hotels located everywhere in the world outside Indonesia, the price would be payable also in Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR).

The Donation System

  • 1.The price you can see on already includes the 2% donation. There is nothing to add.
  • 2.The donation system works with any hotels available on
  • 3.If there is a canceled booking, there is no donation to the selected charity as the customer will be paid back (partly or fully depending on the Hotel Cancelation Policies).


  • 1.We take our users privacy very seriously and do not share any personal data with 3rd parties without your express permission or unless we believe there has been some fraudulent activity and requires investigating.

Legal and Contact

1.ISTANIA is the brand name for this service under the registered company ISTANIA Limited, a Hong-Kong registered company.

2.ISTANIA is not a charity neither a yayasan. ISTANIA is a Hong-Kong limited company fundraising for indonesian charities.

3.The company is run in Jakarta - Indonesia, but the site is available to anyone in any country.

4.You can call us or WhatsApp us if you want more information about any Hotels you would like to book.

5.You can also reach us by e-mail :

About Our Charities Partner

1.Our charities are are registered charities (yayasan) in Indonesia.

2.Charities are vetted before being allow to fundraise on our website. We check they are legally registered and provide access to their accounts that shows how they use any donations they receive.

3.The various charities that participate in the ISTANIA project work in different fields such as : poverty, education, environment, children, animal protection and endangered species, street childrden.

4.If you want to raise awareness and money with us, please contact us ( and join our list of charity partners.

Payment on our Website

1.We are currently processing only through Bank Transfer, the most secured way to pay in Indonesia. If you nedd more information about Bank Transfer, you can call us us here: 021 95454487 or sending email to The payment can be proceeded to :

Bank: Mandiri

Cabang: Mandiri Grand Indonesia

Nomor Rekening: 122000 6636248

Nama Rekening: ISTANIA Limited